Do This For Me

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From the acclaimed author of I Take You: a high-powered attorney and mother of two delves into the mysteries of sex, the perils of desire, and why men and women treat each other the way they do

Raney Moore is a successful litigator with a perfectly scripted life. Perfect, that is, until an unexpected phone call detonates a bomb inside her marriage. When Raney learns that her beloved husband, Aaron, has slept with another woman, she methodically, hilariously burns his life down. Once the flames subside, and they decide to give togetherness another shot, Raney finds herself plagued by uncomfortable questions: Who is the man she loves? How did they go so wrong? Just when Raney thinks she’s got it all figured out, her life veers truly out of control.

Uproarious, incisive and poignant, Do This For Me introduces us to a brilliant, off-kilter heroine intent on discovering sex, battling workplace sexism, and drinking way too much chai.


Select Praise for I Take You by Eliza Kennedy:

"A salty, lively first novel... crackling, bawdy, and modern."
— New York Times Book Review 

"This debut novel's take on modern gender roles is aggressively provocative... It's also funny and, eventually, wise."

"It's the smartest, sexiest, funniest (like, hilarious) beach read on the shelves right now."
Huffington Post 

"Saucy, sexy and funny as hell…Eliza Kennedy’s debut novel will have you blushing, laughing and loving the lavish antics of our new favorite protagonist." 
—USA Today

“[Kennedy's] snappy comedy of mis-manners delights in subverting expectation... I Take You, as salty-sweet as a margarita, will appeal to fans of Seating Arrangements, Where’d You Go, Bernadette.”